subcarrierSpacing of SSB or CRB

Hi Experts.
Below is snippet from SCG addition from RRC reconf.
Here, subcarrierSpacing is of SSB or CRB?

This is for resource grid…not SSB.

So do you mean this will be sub carrier spacing of CRB, right?

Not exactly CRB… more of resource grid.
A litle complex one… It’s given in phy specs.
CRB scs would be in MIB.

The resource grid is basically defining different scs areas, under which BWPs are defined.

Yeah. It’s given by subCarrierSpacingCommon.

Yes…inside the MIB.
Resources grid can have multiple entries for.multiple SCS.

This for CRB. As you can see that it’s part of downline Config Common.
For SSB separate IEs are there.

Here what ever you have configure for common configure, it’s should be same for dedicated configure.
If you have configure 1 BWP.

If its for CRB, then calculation given 5G NR SSB Positioning - Time and Frequency Resources - Techplayon looks wrong (check calculation at bottom).

They have taken CRB subcarrier spacing 15 KHz.


kssb for FR#1 is expressed in terms of 15 Khz subcarrier spacing.