Subcarrier spacing at 3.5GHz

Hi, can we use SCS of 60khz at 3.5GHz band for an outdoor Marco cell.

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Different cell BW may have different scs, scs not depend on frequency band.
Such as BW <= 20mhz: scs= 15/30khz
BW > 20 mhz: scs= 30/60khz

Thank you for your reply.
Ch. Bw is 60 mhz, system is currently operating with 30khz Scs. So for testing purposes can i change it to 60khz and see the impact on latency?

NR specifies for 60 kHz sub-carrier spacing an extended cyclic prefix that enables the usage of
60 kHz in larger cells at the cost of increased overhead.

To decrease latency ,tune CSI reporting periodicity

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yes, 60khz scs so timeslot is 0.25ms, compared with 30khz scs timeslot is 0.5ms
You can test and compare latency.

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Can you please guide further about tuning the csi report…
Currently at 3. 5Ghz, it’s 30khz Scs, and csi report preodicity is set to slots 320.
Is it possible to have the same current 30khz Scs and get low latency by tuning csi…

With 30kHz scs, default value of CSI Reporting Period is 320 slots (160ms).
For Field test shows that 40 slots (20ms) gave faster Ping RTT than 320 slots (160 ms).

but the capacity is dramatically reduced with 40 Slots.

So you can try with 80 slots than with 40 slot & check number of RRC connected UEs

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Thank you. Do I need to modify cqi min and cqi max too? It’s - 150 & 150 respectively.
And cqi step-down is 250.

This Parameters related link adaptation & its used for DL MCS selection which impact the performance like throughput.