Stay Home, Stay Safe: Telecom Companies fighting COVID-19

Hello dear friends.

Some operators around the World are changing the UE labels to send messages to the population.

For example, changing/including #StaySafe or #StayHome in the operator ID.

This is a very good initiative to help fight the COVID-19 - and help save lives! :mask:

So, if you liked the idea, share it with your operator and hopefully all the World get the message! :face_with_thermometer:



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Hello telecomHall Community member.

As you may have noticed, we’ve changed ALL our WhatsApp and Telegram Groups names to include the #StayHome tag.

Being a community with thousands of telecom professionals from all over the globe, it’s our duty to participate in the global initiative to ask everyone to Stay at Home, please! :anguished:

Please stay indoor as much as possible. Insist that your parents and grandparents do too. Please pay utmost attention to this issue. You can be strong and brave, but this is not just about you!

The changes were applied to hundreds of country groups:

And also dozens of Technical Discussion Groups:
5G NR, LTE, IoT, Drive Test and so on…

We pray and hope this is a temporary change, and soon we can rename “StayHome” to “telecomHall” again, meaning the covid virus lost the war. :mask:

Note: share by replying to this topic if you know any other initiative to help kick covid19! :pray:

Same for Bolivia operators ENTEL: “Wash your Hands” and TIGO “Stay Home”


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Zain, Sudan:

Nice dashboard from ARCGIS: COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Another Dashboard: