Status of VoNR

I read several posts earlier this year that described many problems operators were encountering with the deployment of VoNR. I was hoping that some of you engineers working on testing and deployment of VoNR could provide a status on this topic. Is it being deployed in the U.S. yet? If not, what countries are experiencing the rollout of VoNR?

Also, I am assuming that widespread adoption of EPS fallback for users with 5G phones is being supported by most mobile operators. Is that a correct statement? I am putting a presentation together on IMS and I am now at the part of VoNR. I have found very useful information from Rohde & Schwarz and other sources on the topic. However, I am in need of a current status if possible. My experience with this forum has been grand. Many of you have responded kindly to my questions in the past. So, any information you wish to relay on this topic would be greatly appreciated.