Standard range for Signal Strength & Quality

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me to get the standard range for the below, to some benchmarking analysis:


We are using this, hope this will help you out.
You can edit accordingly based on your or customer requirement.

Thank @Ameen, this helps!

Related question: In 5G NR does it make sense to specify RSRP RSRQ SNR ranges as Excellent Good Bad etc for each band sub 1 GHz, sub 6 GHz, and mmWave)?
Say 600 MHz RSRP good value may not be the good value for mmwave 27 GHz?

Hi Guys.
Please let me know if the given range makes sense?

The best way is to do drive test with a phone locked on the specfic band.
I do not have work on experience on 5G.
But in 4G, if you have 3 LTE bands, do drive test with phone lock on each band and perform DL on different radio conditions.

For example this graph is RSRP per band vs throughput:

Do the same for 5G and graph it, you will get the limits of the band.

The above table is based on throughput performance from different bands.

You can also check what kind of minimum throughput you want your users to have.
For example if you want to guarantee10 Mbps when on 5G, check at what RSRP the 5G drops below 10 Mbps.
This could the the HO threshold.