SSB burst Location

Hello Guys.
I am trying to find out how to identify if the ssb burst is located in first-half or in the second-half of a 10ms radio frame.
If you know any reference from spec can you please share it?

As per Sharetechnote pages Ssb burst is in the first 5msec of a radio frame.

Details about SSB here 5G - Waveform Candidate - 5G | ShareTechnote

SSB burst can happen in first 5ms or second 5ms of the Radio Frame.
That’s why you see SMTC offset can be configured into second Half of the radio frame.
I mean Perodicty and offset can be set to indicate SSB burst is in 2nd Half of radio frame.
Sharetechnote has given an example to indicate how the SSB burst happens.

The information can be obtained from MIB IE halfFrameIndicator

The indicator is in PBCH outside MIB