SSB Beam Sweeping / Scanning

  • Beam sweeping is a new concept newly introduced in 5G where g-NodeB can transmit a sequence of SSB beams in a different direction.

  • Simply, gNB can transmit a sequence of SSB beams; beam sweeping is implemented by changing the direction of each SSB Transmission.

  • All beams are simultaneously active, but each beam is allocated a separate SS/PBCH block within the SS/PBCH Burst, so each beam transmits its SS/PBCH Block with different timing.

  • This allows the UE to see the transmissions from each beam and beam indices, which clearly can be identified based on the timing of the SS/PBCH block.

* There is a typo in the picture; SSB8 is the best beam in the 2nd SSB Position (Last picture on the right)

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