SS-PBCH-BlockPower in NR

Dear expert, How to calculate ss-pbch-BlockPower in NR ?
This controlled by parameter in Nokia, but seems not available in Hua and Eri. Kindly anyone to share detail calculation for this power

For calculating the SS-PBCH power, we usually use the below formula.
ss-PBCH-BlockPower = P_Max (dBm) + 10LOG(1/(12N_PRB)))
But we have new formula which includes the offset also.
ss-PBCH-BlockPower = P_Max (dBm) + 10LOG(1/(12N_PRB))) + ssPbchBlockPowerOffset.
This above formula also introduced to calculate ss-PBCH blockpower Particularly for 4T radio we will only be using 2 cross-polarized antennas out of 4 available.
ssPbchBlockPowerOffset is simply calculated based on number of TXs not used for transmission out of total available as 10* LOG(TOTAL_UN_USED_TX/TOTAL_AVAIL_TX).

Hope this will be helpful for you.

Hello Ameen, Thanks for this useful info. Can you also explain the ss-pbch block power concept or share a link where i can read about it?

Hi Ameen, do you know why in Nokia when i set ssb pbch power to 15, it is sent to UE as 18dbm?
i saw 18 dbm in tems.