SRVCC to GERAN failing due to HANDOVER Failure between the MSC-BSC

On Huawei, SRVCC to GERAN was not successful.

We don’t know exactly the problem, but according to the trace we found a HANDOVER Failure between the MSC-BSC, i.e. the MME request from HO to MSC and the MSC returns an HO failure to the BSC.

Can you help me please.


Can you please share the trace???

Pour plus d’informations

est que vous sait se cet message est gsm?

I recommend to contrast the information of LAC, Cellid in BSC and MSC. Maybe check network LAC between MSC’s just in case. According to standard, value 7 is for interworking. Some parameter is not set correctly/matching either on 2G side or 4G side. Double check and maybe the answer is there.

After, checking the conf on BSC of 4G external cell is an issue.
The value of CID = EnodeB ID * 256 + Cell ID.
Thanks, the problem was solved.

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