SPID based inter frequency/Inter RAT handover

Hi Experts,
Anyone have SPID based inter frequency/Inter RAT handover explanation for any vendor?
Anyone using it?

Which vendor?
We used it in 2016 with Huawei, worked really well.

I want to understand how it works, because I want to configure it in my network.
Samsung it is.
But I want at least get an idea.
I read some documents, and now i just want to know: how operator assigns specific SPID to any user?

SPID defined at HSS and then Radio gets the SPID to allocate the radio resources (QOS) based on that ID per subscription defined.
Mainly we can say its for Enterprise use or FWA in LTE.

Got it. So can we say that SPIDs are manually defined in HSS based on services opted by the subscriber?

Yes, you can test with few SIMs first.

Thanks! :+1:
Basically we will be using it to move 5G UEs to specific carrier.