Speakers Wanted - XCHANGING IDEAS #42 Global 5G Evolution - 3rd October 2023

Are you Open to join as speaker in 5g Online Conference Meeting, ‘LIVE’ on Youtube?

The 42nd season session- XCHANGING IDEAS #42 Global 5G Evolution.

We have reached 52 countries, with 350 5G & Ecosystem Experts.

#Options Key Area:

  1. 5G, AI & Machine Learning in Vertical Industries
  2. 5G Innovative Application and Services
  3. 5G Innovative Subscription Based Platforms
  4. 5G Innovative Content Delivery Platform
  5. 5G Network Slicing Enabling Business Model Innovation
  6. 5G AI to Automate Task in 5G Networks
  7. Generative AI – Selling Generative AI-created content
  8. Generative AI – Licensing generative AI technology
  9. Partnering with CSPs to create generative AI-powered Solutions
  10. 5G LEO Satellite on Automated Agriculture, Precise Car Navigation, Asset Tracking
  11. Telcos to TechCos: Harnessing data in a competitive space
  12. 5G IoT Roaming Connections
  13. Network as a Code
  14. 5G NR-Light (RedCap): Revolutionizing IoT
  15. CSPs need LEO Satellite Constellation
  16. Digitalising B2B2X for Growth
  17. Grow your services to B2C, B2B, B2B2X - 5G BSS
  18. Monetizing 5G For Business Starts At The Edge
  19. Driving Telco Innovation & Business Growth with Cloud-Native & AI
  20. 5G Standalone and the Race for New Revenue
  21. Metaverse as A Service
  22. 5G Powered Advertising
  23. “Moonshot” Metaverse API Project: Revolutionizing technology with standard APIs for the Metaverse.
  24. 5G Product as a Service
  25. IoT Chipset for Self-Driving Cars, Smart Factories, Medical Devices, Industrial Robots
  26. Spatial Computing
  27. Telco APIs
  28. 5G Service Based Architecture
  29. 5G Converged Charging System
  30. 5G MVNO
  31. Opening 5G networks to app developers
  32. Opportunities from harmonizing APIs exposure in 5G networks

I’d like to invite you to a 60 minute Virtual Conference, on 3rd October 2023, 08:00am GMT (4pm SGT). 10 mins each of us to give an update on specific key areas above or any associated 5G MONETIZATION topic.

If you interested to speak on relevant for 10 mins, pls message me on specific topic that you would like to speak, your email add & I will reach out you on details.

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