Spcell and mac-logicalchannel on RRC setup message of 5G NR SA purpose

Hi Experts,
I have found the spcellconfig on RRC setup message of 5G NR SA (not request message).
Could anyone please explain in brief the purpose of this message?
I’m still confused what’s the main purpose of this message.

Here is also the mac-LogicalChannelConfig:

Anyone could explain please the main purpose parameters in those this message?
The spcell and mac-logicalchannel.


It is heart of 5G info given to UE.

Politely explained! :grinning:

Poetically explained, I’d say :rofl:

:rofl: I’m serious mate…

I mean it’s too big message dear.
Having all info configured in NR system given to UE :grin:

You can write a chapter of a book just about this message if you want. :slight_smile:

Yes, and title woudl be: “never ending message”. :wink:

Spcell is nothing but serving cell what is the question here?

The main purpose of this message in brief, that’s my question.

But the main purpose of it in brief?
Mean for what purpose this message used?
Didn’t mean to explain each parameter ofcourse. :wink:
Just the implicitly purpose of that message.

For understanding these your best option for such big signalling message is to visit sharetechnote. :wink:

This message defines almost everything of the NR protocol stack.
It is as simple and as complex as that.

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Briefly, the purpose is setup SRB1

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