Solution to frame losses due to fiber cuts

Hi All.

If we are having frame losses due to fiber cuts.

Is there a way to reduce them from radio side?

Any recommended feature?

I don’t think so…

Nothing on radio side can be done to improve frame loss…

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Maybe header compressions to cater for the back up back bone capacity?

But how many UE support PDCP header compression for data?

They do it just for VoLTE.

I mean ROHC.

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Normally during fiber cuts, TX team reroutes the data through another routes which cause congestion and frame losses.

So your approach will be in 2 ways from my opinion:

  1. Reduce the load during fiber cuts to reduce congestion on the backup routes
  2. Adjust packets priority according to your needs (Voice, Streaming, Browsing, Signaling and so on)

For example: you can limit max bitrate in 4G