Solution for high RTWP

Hi Experts.

I have the following RTWP in the BTS 3G, and have 2 carriers in 850 MHz 4412 and 4436, one next to the other, in frequency the first in 835 - 840 MHz and another 840 - 845 MHz.

Clolor blue and brown 4412 and 4436.

This is the measurement in the site:

Anybony knows why RTWP is so high?

This measurement shown normal.
You can check by perform FFT analysis as intially and check the color of interference.
As per the trend shown above its too high so then normall in FFT (Fast fourier transform scanning analysis) shown the same.
Then you can identify the figure wideband or narrowband.
And ensure internal parts are clear as well.

Hi, the problem was de equipment failure. With another equipment the interference was find wit out problem.