SMS through CSFB

Is there any way to make SMS by CSFB as our LTE EPC license has been congested for SMS?

As per TS 23.272 ,


8.2 Short Message Service (SMS)](

8.2.1 General

The procedures for SMS in this specification apply only if the UE is EPS/IMSI attached and the Non Access Stratum signalling based SMS transfer is chosen by the UE and/or the home PLMN for delivering short messages.This clause describes both the mobile originating and mobile terminating SMS over SGs procedures in EPS. SMS support is based on the connectionless SGs reference point between the MME and the MSC Server and use of NAS signalling between the UE and the MME, i.e. no CS Fallback is performed for SMS.This clause also describes the SMS procedures between the UE and the MME for UEs that use only PS and SMS services but no CS Fallback via GERAN and/or UTRAN.

That’s means, there is no possibility to send and receive SMS through CSFB procedure, If i am not wrong?


However I am keen to know once the voice call CSFBed, how the MT-SMS will be delivered while th call is in progress ?