SMS auto-responder software?

Does anybody know what software is used to auto-respond to SMS messages? For example, when you text a short code (like 55555), and it automatically responds with some information, and they usually also say something like “text STOP to cancel.” What is the software that does that?
I am trying to see if I can setup my own text service. There’s probably an open source software project that I could use.

Hi @OhioGuy you can use android ADB for that. Here’s what google said:
how to receive SMS notification
how to send SMS

Thank you! Those adb commands could possibly be used to write a program for responding to texts.

But I’m still wondering what the software is that the sms information service providers use. There are companies that sell text marketing and other sms services to businesses. What do they use?

For small operators or providers I think it is something like asterisk or freepbx. And, of course, all vendors (Ericsson, Huawei, etc.) have solutions for that.

@OhioGuy These days in the US at least, short codes are typically delivered over SMPP binds.

The shortcode host will just route any incoming traffic down the SMPP bind and it can be responded to on the same link.

The Shortcode service interacts with that with whatever software they like (Python has a great SMPP library) as long as it speaks SMPP, to achieve whatever the business case is.

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