Small cell VoLTE call issues

Hi Gents,
I really appreciate any help or hint how to fix some small cell VoLTE call issues faced couple of days ago up to now, issues such as:

  • Voice call delay
  • Breaking voice / robotic voice at the beginning of conversation
  • Muted call for 4 seconds after handover_in from macro to small cell
  • Low throughput in UL and DL around 0.1 Mbps
  • VoLTE call drop caused by small cell

What’s you UL KPI?
Is it densed overlapped environment?

There are some small cells placed at small offices, each one is capable to attend 20 RRC connected users.
Radio conditions are ok - CQI/SINR.
The point is that it is common pattern over Every small cell with this kind of issues.
Small offices and residential places.

Yes, SINR is in UL as well calculate by eNodeB.
Need to check value because due to poor SINR interruption there for ack /nack, RTP packet flow .
UL bler another issue for VoLTE.
What’s your target BLER UL for qci1 set?

Please share some UE logs to have a look.

I’m trying to replicate the same scenario with a small cell in hands (walk test).
For now just have access to counters/kpis.