SIU/TCU Backup from OSS

Dear Experts,

In my network there are TCU across the networks and I am adding all of them to the OSS, but I am unable to take the back up of the TCU , if anyone knows the procedure kindly share .


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Hi, @Mani it is not supported

Thank you for your prompt response, is there any alternative to take the back up of these devices remotely and SW upgrade remotely?


  1. You can grab configuration to remote server

OSmon> upload bcm1 sftp://jones:123abc@ CM 30

  1. You can create backup

OSmon> backup bcm1 sftp://jones:123abc@ -u
WriteOnly (WO) attributes will not be backed up when using unencrypted backup. Use encryption to include WO attributes

  1. You can grab config commands

OSmon> getconfigcommands
setmoattribute 1 STN=0 depIP_Interface “”
setmoattribute 1 STN=0 depLocalRoutingPolicy “”
setmoattribute 1 STN=0 wakeUpDestination
setmoattribute 1 STN=0 wakeUpEventInterval 1

Upgrade is supported by OSS

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Thanks a lot , it is working now, one question finally , can we use the same backup file to upload in the new TCU in case of the old one is faulty ?


Glad to help. Yes, you can. Backup file is just config XML-formatted. There is no reference to HW, serial number or any other limitations.

Now I uploaded the backup successfully.


duw was down due to TNA port faulty. shifted to TNB and wanna delete TNA to clear the alarm. kindly share the syntax if possible.