Single stream beamforming

Hi Experts,
In SU beam forming, single stream beam forming has following definition:
It enables the eNB to transmit one data stream to each UE using the same OFDM time frequency resource Is this definition.
Is it correct?

SU-MIMO means in the same beam more UEs can be served each UE having its own PRBs or symbols.
MU-MIMO means it enables the enb to transmit one data stream to each UE in a different beam using the same OFDM time frequency resource.
So if you have 273 PRBs and 14 symbols and 16 pdsh layers.
Capacity of cell will be 273 PRBs x 14 x 16.
Single users beamforming doesn’t mean a single users is scheduled.
There can be 2 or 3 in same beam but they will share PRBs.

What about Single user beamforming?


Above, UE3, UE5 and UE6 are su-mimo.
But are also part of the MU-MIMO pairing with UE1, UE2 and UE4.
So UE3, UE5 and UE6 will share the 273 PRBs.
Because are su-mimo scenario.

Yes, with respect to each other.
I don’t understand what is the exact difference between single user beamforming and multi user beamforming