Simulate the Eb/No rather than SNR for MIMO-OFDM for 5G PDSCH in Matlab?

Hello Everyone.
I need a help with my simulation in MATLAB.
How can I simulate the Eb/No rather than SNR for MIMO-OFDM for 5G PDSCH?
There is a formula for that, but I need a good reference, so anyone can help me with that?

Is your doubt coming because of multiple antennas or different modulation schemes?

I am simulating before snr with Es/No.
Now I want to simulate Eb/No.
There is a formula for SNR in Eb/No like in general SNR= Eb/No x modulation order x code rate.
Since we are using layers, antennas ports and dm-rs, how the formula looks like.
Did you get my point @pulkit ?

Yes I got your point, just thinking that Eb/No and Es/No are related by that formula because there is mapping from Bits to Symbols, that’s why Bit power should be changed to Symbol Power.
In MIMO, we are distributing those symbols across multiple layers, so should the expression change in MIMO?

I think Yes.
Since you using the layers which data streams are independent that you distributing modulated data symbols.
For SNR formula that I show it to you we shall consider number of subcarriers as we using ofdm.
What about layers, porting antennas and dm-rs?
Or shall I use general formula and thats it?