Signaling Connection Establishment failures due to RRC Setup completions missing

Hi All.

Is there anyone with NOKIA experience that has faced below scenario and seen improvement?

  • RRC Setup SR Rate affected only due to “Signaling Connection Establishment failures due to RRC Setup completions missing”.

  • Considering its UE still in RRC Setup complete procedure and not able to complete setup normally (due to poor UL coverage)?

  • What if we extend timer value t300, example from 600 ms to 1000 / 1500 ms… has someone experience if these failures get reduced?

I have faced also this situation, and increased this timer, but with no improvement.

That’s strange actually because these establishment failures have no further indication why they are occurring :thinking:

It’s msg5 failure.

You can play in Uplink parameter like inimcsul, iniprbul etc.

Good suggestion, will try it, thank you!

Tune below parameters to improve MSG5 fails:

  • iniPrbsUl
  • iniMcsUl
  • harqMaxTrUlTtiBundling
  • harqMaxTxUl

Parameter fine tuning should be scenarios based.
Are the worst cells clustered?
How many carriers do you have on this site?
Are cells looking open area?
What is your timing advance per wcl? Is cell overshooting?

Cells looking in open area.
Single layer sites.
TA < 1.5km
Utilization < 70 %

Not too bad.

May I know %TA greater than 1.5 km?

That one mostly < 10 %.

Please use max t300 of 1500 and fine tune Uplink power control parameters such PUCCH and PUSCH.

Have you experienced that t300 timers helps in reducing these indicated failures?

Minimum improvement would be observed in most cases…