Show percentage for ranges in QGIS?

Hello Experts.

Any one guide me how i can show percentage (%) value infront of sample point range in QGIS?

Like in Mapinfo, we show percentage of the samples count of each range.

How can we do the same in QGIS?

Roughly you can make use of calculated field but It would be better if you share an example.

What about view on histogram?

Yes histogram gives some view against value count.

But I want to display percentage (%) against every range as displayed Mapinfo.

Like it shows sample counts (in below example):


But I need samples counts with percentage.

Same issue: how do I see percentages for thematic layer?

It is not displayed.


I mean for QGIS how do I see in red circles below number of samples and percentage from total?

This should be an easy task, I just can’t find it in help…

I have already Googled it to percentage, but can’ t get any point.

It shows the sample points instead of %.

This is such a basic feature missing.

Can’t believe that such a basic feature like count samples and percentages in legend is not available for QGIS.