Should Network Engineers upgrade to Full Stack Networking?

Hello Experts,

What are the future of Network Engineers?

Should everyone upgrade into Full Stack Networking?

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I don’t agree, network engineering is beyond the famous “CLI vs API” debate.

It’s a modern way to manage and configure your network, which is the future of network management and operations, not engineering (something completely different…SR, QUIC or the eternally extensible BGP…).

It doesn’t matter what environment you are working on or what infrastructure (Virtualized, Software, cloud, etc.).
You will always need a Network Engineer.
The world is moving forward and network engineers must always be one step ahead.

Wow…“Full Stack Networking” does that mean one should be able to program front-end, backend, database, manage OS, deploy containers, handle Kubernetes and manage the network from routing to switching and voice too?
Don’t forget security IDS, IPS, CDN and SIEM? :grin:

I saw this change coming 10 years ago, which is why I started leaving *nix and dev ops work flows.

Networking engineers nowadays must know how to integrate with cloud infrastructure, cicd, software development, and automation.

If we were paying attention we all could have seen this coming a mile away.

Cheers to continued learning, growth, and gray hairs!

You may be great at Python and Automation but if you aren’t at BGP you could shutdown Facebook for hours. :slight_smile:

It is so difficult for a person to learn so many technologies and have a strong hold on all of them.

As someone whose bread-and-butter used to be networking / physical security (I’m a CCIE & CISSP), this picture is just a starting point.
We need to evolve our skillsets and methodology along with the SRE & Devops teams.
Understand how networking works within various CSPs, or in a hybrid cloud setup. what are the potential security issues in these architectures?
There’s a lot more techs out there that customers use - keep those knives sharp!

Automation is already being used all over in networking.

I recently just upgraded thousands of devices and sure as heck was not doing that manually.

Now that being said, everyone may not need to know python but at least know what’s going on when you see a script and change whatever values need to be changed.

Python is now part of Networking, as well as for Cybersecurity.

No matter what!
Network Engineers will be always there and a good example of that is Covid19-Lockdowns.
Where the network engineers made it possible for all people world wide to be connected and work from home, study from home, business from home.
Big thank you to Network Engineers :clap:

Full Stack Network Engineer (or FSNE) are network engineer trained in all areas of IT including routing, switching, wireless, security, data center, cloud,automation, virtualization and voice over IP.

Currently, companies need to outsource part of their IT operations or hire extra personnal - because their current team of network engineers is only expert on a few areas of IT.

The “solution” would be network engineers be full-stack network engineers. But as you said, not an easy task.