Short SN capability in NR

Hi Experts,
I’m seeing in NR capability short SN supported is it related to sequence size 18 bits.
Or is there any FGI bit like LTE to check?

See this:

So short SN indicates 12 or 18 bit?

At the bottom of the picture it is saying which channel is using which SN type.
SRB is always 12 SN.
All the other can be 12 or 18.

But short SN not written.

SN can be 12 or 18.
12 is short 18 is long.
Which short SN you are refering to?

Check any NR logs there, you will find.
SN short IE as supported.

Yes we always used sn size 18 bit.

Do you mean to check in UE capability?

UE capability for NR.
There you will find short SN as not supported.

Only finding short here:


Not related to PDCP.
Make a snapshot and post it here.

Is it QC logs?

Oh, I see.
There are 3 UE capab requests, in which one do I need to search?


Third one.
Nr, eutra-nr.

Check in NR related UE capability infi.
Ohh I see it’s not there for QC.
Under PDCP IE.

Picture above is in the RLC group.


This is not Qualcomm tool, it is AirScreen.
Maybe it is missing in my tool. That’s why.
I will report this bug to airscreen developer to fix it.

What this AirScreen?

A post processing tool.
Same like Actix, XCap, TEMS discovery, etc.
It is pretty good:

Website: AirScreen