Short Course on Fundamentals of OFDM and Signal Processing for 5G NR

There is a short course on the fundamentals of OFDM and Signal Processing for 5G NR.
The course material is designed with a practical approach citing examples related to 5G NR.

The following topics are covered in these sessions:

  1. Sampling theorem, Up Sampling, Down Sampling, How to Calculate Sampling Frequency in 5G NR
  2. Introduction to Fourier Transform
  3. Why OFDM is needed?, Understanding OFDM, OFDM in 5G NR
  4. MATLAB Simulation of OFDM Transceiver as per 5G NR specifications
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There are 4 videos covering the topics as mentioned in above list.
The duration of the sessions is around 300 minutes.

If you have any doubt regarding the content , first watch the highlights video of the course