SHO drops in WCDMA

Hi Gentelmen Experts.
Questions regarding SHO in WCDMA.
We’re getting drops on handoff between one cell.
Ex.: 119x fail to handoff to 119x which is its self.
Any way could get rid of this scenario?

What is 119x?
A carrier cannot handover to itself.
So if it is another carrier or the site then it is possible that both are experiencing high Noise.
Handover issues in 3G are generally caused by high EcNo.
Reduce number of Active set carriers and it may help with HO.

Hi Ran Core,

119x is a cell sample. Coz we seen alot of HO fail due to missing hanover and the coz is SHO…but the weird thing is the start and the and of the hanover is with in one cell…