Search LinkedIn by email address

Hello dears,

Do you know some way to find the LinkedIn of someone having only their email address?
Find a LinkedIn Profile by Email Address.


I also would like to know.

Sometimes i know a person and have its email address.
When I ask for the LinkedIn URL, sometimes even the person itself don’t know it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There is a lot of people that suggest using this following URL, (simply changing the email by your email address):

But it don’t work anymore, and the only thing you get is “Something went wrong while displaying this profile. Please reload or try again later.”.

The reason is because it was used by an application that was terminated because low number of users (Sales Navigator app).

Luckly there’s another simple way to search LinkedIn by email address. The only thing you need is to have a Microsoft Outlook account and also a LinkedIn Account - both using the same e-mail. And follow below steps for searching for LinkedIn accounts by email address using Outlook:

  1. Open a web browser, and login to Outlook (Outlook – free personal email and calendar from Microsoft)

  2. Then go to Contacts (

  3. Find and click button “Add a contact” to create a new contact. Fill at least the “First Name” field as you want and “Email address” field (with the email whose profile you’re looking for) and click “Create”.

  4. Now, when you view this Contact, you can see the sections “Contact”, “Files”, “Email” and… “LinkedIn”! :wink:
    Click LinkedIn and will pop up a window asking you to login.

  5. Login - click “Continue to LinkedIn” and also “Accept”, to link (Connect) your Microsoft Outlook account to your Microsoft LinkedIn account.

  6. Back to Outlook now you can see the LinkedIn profile of the email address you was searching! :star_struck: (Note: If you can see no profile, then no LinkedIn account is linked to that email address). To view it in LinkedIn, click “See full profile on LinkedIn” button at the bottom of the sub-window displaying your Outlook Contact.

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No words to say thank thousands times! :slight_smile:

I learnt something i thought was impossible!