SCS setting in 5G DSS

Hello Experts,
Question: Because LTE TTI (1ms), in DSS (LTE/NR), the NR need to set only with SCS=15KHz.
Is it correct?

I don’t think so.
In DSS, resources between LTE and NR are divided either at frame level, subframe level or at frequency level.
In all above configuration NR will have dedicated BW or portion of BW available to use.
So it may possible to use different SCS.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I think it’s fixed at TTI level.
In DSS 5G necessarily borrows subframes.

Till Rel 15 I also see that PDSCH needs to be at 15 Khz for DSS.
Not sure if this changes in Rel 16.

We can configure 15 kHz and 30 kHz.

I think that only 1ms can be used.

Not really, SSB can be transmitted on 30 kHz in DSS.

SSB and PDSCH as well.

Very good paper of MKT which explain DSS in high level of details.

It is worth mentioning in SCS of 30 kHz is used, rate matching is needed.

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