Scoring the Terabit/s Goal: Broadband Connectivity in 6G

Nice explanation from professor Emil Björnson on Broadband Connectivity in 6G.

Youtube: Scoring the Terabit/s Goal: Broadband Connectivity in 6G - YouTube

This paper explores the road to vastly improving the broadband connectivity in future 6G wireless systems. Different categories of use cases are considered, with peak data rates up to 1 Tbps. Several categories of enablers at the infrastructure, spectrum, and protocol/algorithmic levels are required to realize the intended broadband connectivity goals in 6G. At the infrastructure level, we consider ultra-massive MIMO technology (possibly implemented using holographic radio), intelligent reflecting surfaces, user-centric cell-free networking, integrated access and backhaul, and integrated space and terrestrial networks. At the spectrum level, the network must seamlessly utilize sub-6 GHz bands for coverage and spatial multiplexing of many devices, while higher bands will be mainly used for pushing the peak rates of point-to-point links. Finally, at the protocol/algorithmic level, the enablers include improved coding, modulation, and waveforms to achieve lower latency, higher reliability, and reduced complexity.

Link to article: [2008.07220] Scoring the Terabit/s Goal:Broadband Connectivity in 6G