SCell added but without data

Hi Experts,
I have a query.
Trying to test NR CA (n77 40 MHz + n77 60 MHz).
Scell addition is ok.
But no data seen in scell.
channelbws- dl fr1 in UE capability message says 60 MHz bandwidth not supported for n77.
So can this be the reason here for no data?

Which UE?
We can test band combination for it.

This is Lab test and Qualcomm UE used.

SA or NSA?
I guess SA?

Correct, SA.

It is strange how network configures something that UE does not support In your case 60 MHz for N77. Maybe you can add a file with UE capabilities to understand what UE supports and what not.
How can network configure something that UE does not support?
It will be RRC reconfig failure for sure.
Is it X65?
Have you tried if it’s working n77 100 MHz?