Samsung parameters to improve LTE and VoLTE Accessibility

Hello all,
Can any one help me with Samsung parameters to improve the LTE and VoLTE Accessibility KPIs?
Due to covid19 some sites are taking huge traffic (RRC att,Data volume,Volte traffic increased and prb went to >80% util and UL util).
What parameters we need change for this case?

I think JIO is already in advance phase of KPI automation report, where you can take action according to predefined RCA.
Like long distance calls, high PRB utilization, interference resolution, p0nom, CAC value optimization, LB parameters, back haul fluctuations, GTP loss etc.
For parameters planning you can use JCP in order to check neighbours sites status.

Yes exactly.
In JIO for offload purpose rollouting the ESC,ODSC,HP-ODSC,4thSector addition, 80 to 140 W RRH Addition, Wifi, IBS, etc…
After lock down it may reduce some amount traffic.