Samsung Announces the Next Phase of Its 5G vRAN

Samsung delivers its vRAN 3.0, demonstrating the power of software-driven RAN with new
features and capabilities to enable a smarter, more efficient network.

VRAN 3.0 by Samsung …what is basic difference From VRAN 2.0 as per understanding?

  • VRAN 1.0: where CU on cloud and DU on bare metal
  • VRAN 2.0: both CU and DU on cloud
  • Now VRAN 3.0: it can be seen still CU and DU on cloud?

What are other differences?

Software features!

Vodafone and Samsung Begin Mass Open RAN Rollout Across the United Kingdom

2500 open ran sites.

I think world largest volume for roll out.

It’s with Samsung vran 3.0.

For sure it’s a huge roll out!

I’ll be following closely those news to find out what will be the “real world” performance of those sites.

Let’s see.

Looks like all the fun on 5G and ORAN is happening in UK itself… :wink::wink::grinning:

I don’t hear much about this here tbh :man_shrugging:t2:

If its going on further at this fast rythm then Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei will be history within 5 years maximum.

There are serious concerns about ORAN, specially with regards to security.

Whilst it does provide modular mechanism, system performance and security are main concerns from government and the operators here in UK.

It’s overhyped only.

Even new vendor in Open RAN struggling for basic features.

Not easy to break legacy of old vendors.

5 years is a lot.

They can fix and cover the gap within 5 years time frame.

Vdf announced some time ago that they would swap all Europe 100k eNodeB as soon as eNodeB price will be below 1000 Euro.

Open RAN has issues, from software and features issues, to interworking issues and of course, the support is not easy since there are many providers involved.