SA 5G Update

The standalone (SA) version of 5G has often been touted as “real” 5G. But if that’s the case, today there does not appear to be a huge amount of interest from network operators in real 5G.

The latest findings on 5G SA come from research firm Dell’Oro Group, which has kept a count of all the big mobile network operators around the world that have launched the technology. It reports that only 39 have deployed 5G SA.

“Reliance Jio, China Telecom-Macau and Globe Telecom came to the rescue in the fourth quarter to push 2022 over 2021 for the number of 5G SA eMMB [Enhanced Mobile Broadband] networks launched,” wrote analyst Dave Bolan on the firm’s website.

“This was a disappointment in contrast with over 200 5G non-standalone (5G NSA) networks and over 700 LTE networks that could be implementing 5G SA networks.”

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