S6a and Gx/Gy bandwidth capacity calculation

Dear experts,
I am doing a planning on new S6a interface between MME<->DRA<-> HSS and Gx, Gy links and I would like to design the IP MPLS bandwidth requirement for these interfaces.
Is there any tried and tested ready recknor formula which can be applied to find the BW requirement from Total number of Subscribers.

Lets say, how much Mbps BW need to be allocated for these Diameter links for 10 M subscribers.



Hi ,i am not expert but i have an idea, s6a is signalling interface for authentication and registering no userplane traffic would pass there, honestly i dont know the size of the signalling message in s6a interface but usually it should be under 1KB for example:
S1AP Handover Required : 366 Byte
S1AP Handover Request : 419 Byte
S1AP Handover Request Ack : 219 Byte
S1AP Handover Command : 214 Byte
X2AP Handover Request : 409 Byte
X2AP Handover Request Ack : 206 Byte

lets say that it would take 1KB and the whole 10M user will attempt together to make call in the same second,that would make 10M*1KB /s=10 GB/s ,practically 1GB/s could be enough because not all users would attempt together but its better to put expansion plan for future.
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Thanks for the response.
The average size of these Diameter messages (S6a, Gx, Gy) are considered as 800 Bytes to 1 Kbytes.
What you have given is a theoretical answer, but this can’t be applied in a practical situation. Moreover, we can’t allocate 1Gb completely, because there will be VLANs for GTP also on the same IP path.and it is not cost effective to over engineer the links.
I am looking for a practical example in which somebody can give some details, how they have designed their network, considering some assumptions in terms of initial location update, periodic location update, mobility management factor as well as data consumption for Gx, Gy.


thanks dear I am not expert if you find the correct answer please tell me.