S23 ultra 5G UE capability information

Hello Dears.

Can anyone support to provide s23 ultra 5G UE capability information.

I am trying to check if it support n78-n78 with LTE EN-DC.

Hi, we did some field test, n78_n78 already supported as well as FDD_TDD and TDD_FDD combinations like N1_N78, N78_N1, N28_N78, N78_N28

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Is there a cross-carrier scheduling feature which is used or deployed?

In Nokia NSA, only self scheduling is used.

Does UE implement it?

I don’t see CIF-Presence in UE cap reports. :frowning:

Not even in high end devices like Apple and Samsung?

Asked S vendor , in the current commercial FW looks like it is a NO.

Thanks. It helped.

S confirmed they don’t support and have no concrete plan to support it right now.

Those are the cap info you can check if any device may support : information element (IE) of cross carrier scheduling :