S1 initial context setup failure improvement

Hi friends,
Need some assistance for S1 initial context setup failure improvement.
Maximum failure in ERAB_INI_SETUP_FAIL_RNL_RIP (M8006C247) counter.
Nokia system.

This measurement provides the number of failed setup attempts for initial E-RABs due to “Radio Network Layer Cause - Failure in the Radio Interface Procedure”. UPDATED: This counter is updated following the transmission of an S1AP:INITIAL CONTEXT SETUP FAILURE message sent by the eNB to the MME.

Looks like issue with PRACH power and target noise level at eNodeB.

Usually cell edge UEs.

Any settings which help to improve this scenario?

RRC guard timers values can be checked.

It helps to improve ps drop alreday tuned to 6.

Tuned to 5

Discrepency in Qrxlevmin also need to be checked, if any.

Thanks, discrepancy is not too much high.

In Ericsson: Some new features in L18, like UL Trigger Mobility will improve cell edge limited UEs to go another freq/rat.

Hi Kamal, may I know what was the default value initially?

For which parameter