S1 Handover Formula

Hi experts,
I would like to know S1 handover intrafrequency preparation attempts and success counters on Huawei vendor formula, please.

Att = L.HHO.IntereNB.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut-L.HHO.X2.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut

Succ = L.HHO.IntereNB.IntraFreq.PrepSuccOut-L.HHO.X2.IntraFreq.PrepSuccOut

Thank You.
I was using this formula:

  • Att = (L.HHO.IntereNB.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut+L.HHO.IntraeNB.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut)-L.HHO.X2.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut
  • Succ = (L.HHO.IntereNB.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut+L.HHO.IntraeNB.IntraFreq.PrepAttOut)-L.HHO.X2.IntraFreq.PrepSuccOut

But above formula was not giving correct value.

Intra eNB should be excluded I guess as it will not use S1 interface.

I just checked and it should be excluded, now values are fine!

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