RSSI KPIs doesn't match with field (DT)

Hi Experts.

In LTE DT I checked that RSSI for MIMO 4x4 have 1 RX over another 3.

I checked RSSI in KPIs over this cell and don’t have separation in RSSI.

Any comments about this?

Vendor is Huawei.

Really strange that the rssi kpis doesn’t match with field.

Did you check if RET are different on each port?

Maybe RET of the first 2x2 is different than 2nd.

Although it’s strange …

See UE check RSSI by monitoring DL channel of serving LTE Cell.

If UE detect one change abormal check TX transmission issue for that port , any VSWR value mismatch etc.

Seems like Uplink is OK eNB and DL is issue may be due xyz.

Seems like Uplink RX is OK but DL TX is having issue on eNB side.

These are the same.