RSRQ reporting in CA A6 config

Hi Experts,
In CA A6 config, if the report quantity is both and trigger quantity is RSRP, is RSRQ reporting useless or is it used anywhere?

UE will report RSRP for scell and it’s intra neighbour as trigger quantity is RSRP.

Yes, so here RSRQ don’t have any role right?

Yes, right.

It’s reportquantity is set as both (you can also set as any only one as well).
But trigger quantity can always be one of them.
So whichever is trigger quantity that will matter, other is just for observation.

In Samsung there is a parameter called double check rsrp and rsrq.
If this is true, then handover will take place only if both rsrp and rsrq criteri is met.

So will this override the trigger quantity as rsrq alone?
Any other vendors have similar parameter?

UE only uses trigger quantity to send MR. But while deciding HO …eNB check RSRP also which is included in MR.

Ok, so which threhold it will chk for rsrp?
For e.g. say A5 thsh1 rsrp and 2 rsrp will be valid only when trigger quantity is rsrp right?
But here trigger quantity is rsrq.

A5 rsrp threshold will be checked by eNB.
UE will check rsrq threshold only.

Ok got it :+1:.