RSRQ based Handover in LTE for Inter Freq

Anyone tried RSRQ based HO in LTE for Inter Freq?
Any negative impact seen?

I have implemented it in whole JIO network
For congested network, with proper threshold it gives good benefit.

Thanks @sadanandk2.
Could you tell at which level A2 can I set for RSRQ?
Is value -14 ok?
And for A3 or A5, which one better?

For which carrier you are asking?
It all depend upon where you want to keep most of traffic.
We kept A2 = -18 dB to keep max traffic in B40 and -10 dB in B3 and B5.
But only keeping RSRQ is not sufficient.
If your system support then you should also keep OR condition for A2 as RSRP.

Ok, so you’re keeping max users in b40 and lower layer shifting bad users to b40, as of now only RSRQ based there a2.
I have b40 which to be improved, other bands are b3, b1.
I am looking to improve CQI by eliminating bad users from b40.

Will it help by using RSRQ based shift?
(No flexibility to change tilt)

Just to add RSRQ generally varies based on serving cell load.
So you may have different handover behaviour in netwok during different time of the day.

Keep RSRQ and RSRP Both as Trigger quantity of A2 (if your system allows).
Poor Quality in DL Users will shift to B3/B1 and RSRQ th, poor UL users will shift by RSRP.

I checked.
We have combined switch option for A2, A5.
As of now I used RSRQ only, as need to push bad users fast.

Problem with only RSRQ is, if there is less loading in network RSRQ becomes good.
So handover will be delayed and traffic will increase in B40.
Also handover will not happen from B40 even when RSRP is too poor, just because RSRQ is better, this may impact UL performance (UL tput degradation and RRE increase).
Check above thing after you implement RSRQ based policy.

Do you mean UL KPI PUSCH/PUCCH SINR, UL BLER will be degraded so UL Throughput as well?

Yes, because at poor RSRP, UEs will become UL limited.
DL Qualiity will be good but UL not, beyond.
This will be situation mainly in rural areas.
Were DL interference and loading is less.

Ok it’s town site let’s hope it will work :+1:

If you are considering Urban or Dense urban scnearios having limitations to optimize tilt.
Have you considered to decrease SRS, Pa and Pb power settings?
Here in RJ Olympic Games we performed the change from (18,2/0/1) to (15,2/0/0).
Maybe it helps decreasing coverage overlapp and can also improve Tput download rate since it transfers power from control to user plane.

Insightful thread above. Probably a basic question - could you please elaborate on why UL would be more limited than DL ? Thanks.