RSRP decreased when Attenuation increased

Hi LTE/5G NR Experts.

Any idea why when I increase attenuation RSRP is decreased?

When reaches my UE always the point RSRP -99 then if i increase atten then RSRP is increased to RSRP -95 -94 although atten increased.
After that UE behaves okay, with increasing atten.

Any idea why th UE rsrp at -99 always when that point reached if atten increased then rsrp increased!?And then it behaves okay with atten increase?

How are you attenuating?
Are you decreasing source power or you got fancy attenuator?
It could be due to multipath gain.

By dynamic attenuator that set up between RRH to chamber where UE set.
Dynamic Atten connected from both side (chamber side and RRH sidr) by rf cables.

Actually increased also internal atten of the anntena from 10 dB to 20 dB (static internal atten) and then started to increase atten dynamically by dynamic atten… same issue seen … on point rsrp -99 when increasing atten rsrp increased to -94 rsrp then all fine if i increase atten rsrp decreased till -130 behaves okay.

My point why UE will behave like this on that specific point rsrp -99 when atten increased rsrp increased but then after that behaviour … rsrp behaves okay till rsrp -130 with increasing atten …

Like always on rsrp -99 the UE behave strange like rsrp increased if atten increased.

It could be what you suspected of multpath gain but its just happens always on specific point rsrp -97 and then if I increase by 1db then rsrp increased to -92.

What I see is this , if I reach rsrp -97 and at that point even not doing any atten increasement I see like on that point rsrp -97 it moves and fluctuate back to rsrp -91 or 92 and then back to rsrp -97 without doing any atten increase(so on that point rsrp -97 without atten increase I see it fluctuate to -91 and then back to -97). Now when I do increase by 1db then rsrp jumps to rsrp -92 …
If I reach rsrp -97 again when increasing atten from -92(after it jumped to it) then fine rsrp behaves okay with atten increase.

Like just only at first time when that point rsrp -97 reached and if I do atten increase by 1db rsrp increased to rsrp -92 then it behaves okay with atten increase.