RSCP and RSRQ Measurement Report values to dBm

Dear Experts,
In LTE Measurement Report, we Received RSCP and RSRQ in this Format:


How can we change to dBm format?

Please refer the 36.331 spec.
They give the mapping.

RSRP = reported value - 140
RSRQ = (reported value - 40 ) / 2

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You can use this link:

ShareTechNote - Handbook_LTE_RSRP

But thumb rule I used to follow was to half the value and add it to -121 dBm to get actual RSRP. :wink:

Thank You. Is there any pci information transfered on meaaurent?

Measurements are always linked with PCI.
UE tells eNB which PCI its monitoring and what are their levels so eNB can decide suitable cell for handover.

But there is not showing in PCI info in this msg.
Only visible RSRQ/RSRP value.

As I know you can know the PCI from the HO message or the initial UE message.
S1ap initial UE message.

No sign for the serving PCI:

For the measurment without PCI they are the values of the sering cell, for the neighbouring cells the PCI is mentionned.

I think this measurement report is during CA, as the its measurement PCell. There is always 1 PCell so may be mobile didn’t specify the id.

This is Huawei OSS.
You’ll get the PCI in the last RRC Reconfiguration with HO (mobility control information).

Or in the initial S1AP UE message.