RRU receiver sensitivity per port

Hello dear Experts!

Let’s imagine next situation:

Our RRU has -102 dBm receiver sensitivity per port.

Huawei / Ericsson / Nokia RRU has - 106 dBm receiver sensitivity per port.

2 questions:

  1. Does it mean that our RRU will provide in 4 dB shorter UL coverage?

  2. Power control: Po = -74; alpha = 0.7.
    Should I set up Po=-100; alpha = 1 to improve cell edge UE Throughput?

RRU receiver sensitivity per port


Yes, but you should also account for multiple antennas.

If Ericsson has 32TR, then total receiver sensitivity will be -106 -15 = -121 dBm.

If you have 8TR then your Rx sensitivity will be -102 -9 = -111 dBm

Hi dear, thanks for reply…

But let’s think we compare RRUs with only 2 RF ports.

Then, you can increase P0 by 4 dB from -74 to -70 dBm.

P0 will absurb the Rx sensitivity .

Why do you want to change alpha?

I am thinking about improving cell edge KPIs.

Our base stations is in rural areas so I think setting up alpha = 1 I will improve cell edge UE KPIs as there is no interference.