RRU power settings

Hi Experts,
If RRU power is 240w and 260w then how much can put the cell power and how much RS power we can set for 10 Mhz for L1800?

Hi is 20 MHz there on L1800?
If not then pmax(cell power) for 10 Mhz can be configured 40 or 60 w or lower value depending on site coverage requirements, inter site distance.

For RSPower you can use:
Rs power = pmax-10log10(no of prb×12) + boosting gain if there.

Note pmax to be enter in dBm… maybe above formula differ for E///, Huawei.

How to check the boosting gain for Huawei?

It’s dlrsboost parameter.
For huawei not sure its pa and pb Symbol parameter they are using.

Pa if minus 3 and pb 1 then you can increase RS power by 3 more.
Suppose max set can be 12 dBm in pa and pb zero if set minus 3 and 1 you can do 15 dBm.

We can we do it but setting this parameters pA minus 3 and pB 1?
Or any criteria need to meet?

It depend output power, 2T2R or 4T4R then bandwidth.
Lot of factors depend.

Huawei rs power calculator:

You should know the remaining power for 4G on this RRU and weather it is shared with other technology or not.
Depending on your configuration you can use the tool in OMSTAR to calculate the reference signal, Pa & Pb.

Which command to chk for that?
Lst rru and?

Any one knows how to calculate RS power calculate in ZTE?