RRU power calculation

Hi experts, Can anyone help me by explain the red circle value.
If RRU power is 40w then is there any change any calculation and why type B REs is 8?

  1. There are 2RS RE active at a time in TypeB OFMDA symbol.

  2. There are 4RS RE symbol for 2 A/N in typeB OFMDA symbol. And only 2 are active at a time (means one A/N port active corresponding 2RS RE at a time and other 2 RS RE are non active from other A/N port). Total 12 RE/RB/OFDMA symbol and 4RS RE.
    No. Of RE in Type B symbol=12-4=8.

Also why REs 12? As I know REs per RB is 12x7=84?
And also why we are using TypeA and TypeB?

Considered only freq domain, already mentioned in the equation.

It’s necessary to have both, each has relation and affecting max power -> max(typeA,typeB)

This equation is very good to have power audit in network, just replicate the same in Excel and you compare it with RRU power.

As per my thoughts only to differentiate between symbol fall in Reference signal OFDMA symbol group and non Reference signal OFDMA symbol group.