RRC license rejections with connecteduser license unlimited

Dear Experts,
Why RRC license rejections will happen in a enodeb when my connecteduser license is with infinity capacity (i.e., 65535)?
Ericssson BBU

Check configured number of pucch/cqi users.

These 2 parameters:

And how much is the value of licConnectedUsersPercentileConf.

Do we need to restart the node post setting the values?

No need.
It runs new setup procedure.
All connected UEs are released and connected once again.

Yes… Restart is not required.
But some nodes are not taking… and creating alarm, due to which sector is disabled.
When reduced noofpucchcqi user count… Sector got enabled
Checking Post KPI… Will update the status.

No need, All cell connected UEs are released and connected again (check your RACH SR and accessibility that moment).