RRC_inactive state to RRC_Connected Timer values in 5G SA

Hi Experts!
Do you know if the Timer in RRC_inactive state to RRC_Connected has differents time values to be configured in 5G SA?
Since in 4G in the RRC_Idle to RRC_connected we have this option.

If there is, What is the command that I could applied it?


5G SA do not has state transition from RRC_inactive to RRC_connected.

Sorry, but there is the transition.

@Hainm , Sorry to disagree, but yes, it does.
There is transition INACTIVE → CONNECTED.
There is no transition IDLE → INACTIVE.



Perfect @rafavcc, I agree.

Sorry, I remember wrong.
RRC_inactive is to keep UE fast transit to connected, avoid idle.
But I think not has timer from rrc_inactive to rrc_conn.