RPLMN and HPLMN priority in PLMN selection

Dear Experts,
In PLMN selection, which one will take priority if both are available Last Registered: RPLMN or HPLMN?

HPLMN/EPLMN (Equivalent PLMN).
HPLMN is searched anyway every 30 minutes or so.

It is after UE roaming to another PLMN?

It is when in roaming.

For the initial acquisition, RPLMN is always preferred.
UE can later move to HPLMN or EHPLMN based on the high priority PLMN search scans.
(Usually happens when UE is in idle mode for every 2 min, 6 min… Timers are configurable in UE)

I believe there shall be 1 EF as well which let UE know to prefer RPLMN or EHPLMN for camping.
To add, The timer is HPPLMN search timer, and search happens when UE is in RRC idle state after 2/3min, 6min, timer expiry.

Yup… n°74 if I remember correctly.

Corrected to n°74 as pointed by Rohit and verified in spec.

Number 74 EF LRPLMNSI.

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From 3GPP TS 23.122