RLF cause: cfg failure

Hi Experts,
Someone knows what is RLF cause: cfg failure?

4G or 5G ?

4G, Qualcomm chipset.

RLF reason mainly related to Poor RF condition like low RSRP.
How about radio condition?

Could be the case where the UE received a message not 3GPP compliant.

Can you share check RRC Reconfig message before this error message?
It might be something UE doesn’t like.

Do you mean configuration failure due to wrong parameter transferred from network?

Yes. I think I have seen this error before, but could be wrong (its been long time).
It was probably scenario when network was trying to add another APN but TFTs of that APN weren’t defined correctly and device either rejected or gave an error to accept new configuration.

Hmm… In the reconfig msg is a part for adding Scell and as far as I know in this zone there is no CA, only inter-freq from other vendor.