RF Prediction from planning tool: resolution vs coverage

Hi Planning Experts.

I was provided with some picture from planning tool, resolution 50m in some rural area.

RXlev for 2G for that pixel of 50mx50m shows better than -95 dBm.

  • Does this mean that any point inside that 50mx50m have better coverage than -95 dBm?

  • Or does it mean that in average coverage for that pixel 50mx50m is better than -95 dBm?

Which one of the 2 is true?

The value will be average in 50 X 50.

The same principle of averaging (aggregation from MDT + MR).

It’s called binning and it average out the samples within the bin.

What kind of tool you are using as planning tool?

I am not using any tool, I was provided by customer.

And my issue is that planning tool shows better than -95 dBm the rxlev while drive test UE drops at rxlev -108 dBm.

I suggest you keep analysis resolution same as that of terrain and clutter.

Yes, that’s the point terrain is with 50m resolution and clutter too.

Yes, there could be at some point is below -95 dBm, while the sampling area is quite big.

As I know
resolution hasn’t related to RXlev .
RXlev depends on propagation model and equations of simulation tool.


My duty is to inform client that planning tool does not match reality (measurements).

How they make their planning more accurate is not my concern at this point.